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Published on December 14th, 2015 | by twwwine

Midtown dog park finally coming to 19th and Q streets

For all of the years of silence at 19th and Q streets, the racket this week was somewhat surprising.

Power tools. The thumping of hammers. The repetitive beeps of a construction vehicle backing up. A couple of guys wearing hard hats and carrying two-by-fours into a fortified ditch.

It’s nice to see some activity in this long-empty lot at the intersection’s southwest corner, and not just the same old overgrown grass surrounded by a barbed-wire fence secured with a rusty chain.

The desolation is not at all unlike that of many other, seemingly abandoned lots that dot Sacramento’s landscape. They are eyesores and magnets for trash. But more than that, they are all-too-visible downers in a city that’s almost high over being on the upswing again.

Yet the emptiness of this particular lot at 19 and Q streets, where I was so excited to see work being done on Thursday, has always been particularly striking.

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