Oak Park Spent Beer Grain

Published on July 6th, 2015 | by Sacramento Magazine

Sacramento’s breweries are find creative uses for spent beer grain

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Sacramento’s boom in microbreweries has meant the boom of something else: spent beer grain. Mostly made up of barley, but also containing wheat, rye, rice, and corn, this beer byproduct is being turned into everything from dog biscuits and crackers to compost and animal feed.

The grain is processed before fermentation, so it’s not alcoholic. But because it’s wet, it spoils very quickly, especially during Sacramento’s scorching summers. And there’s now a lot of it: New Helvetia Brewing Company uses about 600 pounds of dry grain per batch of beer, which translates into about 1,000 pounds of spent beer grain. Track 7 Brewing Co. produces about 40,000 pounds of grain per week. As a result, breweries have to find creative uses for the grain.

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