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Published on May 19th, 2015 | by City Scout

We grow Beer: Ruhstaller’s J.E. Paino talks about hops and Sacramento

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My name is JE Paino and I’m the general manager and founder of Ruhstaller, a little brewery in Sacramento. Ruhstaller is named in honor of Capt. Frank Ruhstaller who was a Swiss immigrant who helped make Sacramento the beer capital of the West Coast and the largest hop growing region in the world prior to prohibition. To us he represents the ethos of the valley – resourceful, honest, hardworking – and this is what we aspire to.

To quote Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet’s co-chairman): Sacramento “is a town you can go to to become somebody, not a town you have to be somebody to go to”.

In other words Sacramento is a town that will accept you for who you are, not who your parents are, or your last name, or your color, etc…it’s also a town you can go to to move the needle…where you can help change something.

To us, at the core, Ruhstaller is about changing the perception of Sacramento to ourselves and others. When we started Ruhstaller 5 years ago Sacramento was known for the big white building in the center of town and that our only major league team was trying to leave town. Capt. Frank Ruhstaller and our beer heritage represents that Sacramento is more than the Capitol and the Kings – we are farmers at heart, we are a Sack of Tomatoes, we are a Cow Town, we are honest, we are resourceful, we are hard working, we are humble, we are inclusive, we are family, we have great soil and weather, we are creative and talented, and we check our ego at the door…and that is something to be proud of…whether others see it or not!



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